1. What are the cost benefits of Rooftop solar power project on comparison with Utility bills/Diesel cost?

Solar rooftop solution is always beneficial on long run, considering 25 year life of Modules and low maintenance per unit cost of solar energy is only 5 Rs on comparison 17-18 Rs per unit of Diesel generator.

2. What is manufacturer guarantee on solar PV modules?

Generally solar PV module manufacture provide 25 year of manufacturer guarantee on solar PV modules.

3. Does solar system require daily maintenance?

No daily maintenance is required other than cleaning of Solar panel by normal water pressure.

4. What is rooftop size requirement for per KW solar system?

100- 120 Sq. Feet shadow free roof area is required for 1 KW solar system.

5. which is best direction for solar modules for maximum generation ?

For maximum energy yield, solar modules should face south in India.

6. How much electricity does a PV solar energy system generate in a day?

India receives an average insolation of 5.55 kWh/m2/day annually ,from which solar PV module can generate 5 – 5.5 unit electricity per day.

7. What is the payback period on capital investment on rooftop solar power plant?

On commercial/Industrial consumption use payback period of solar PV plant is 4.5 to 5 Year , depend upon the state energy tariff.

8. Is there is provision to sell solar power to DISCOM.

Yes, you can sell your generated solar power to discom, with net metering policy of different state if your system is connected to grid.

9. Can a solar installation produce electricity on a cloudy day?

Since the electricity generated depends on light intensity and, it will produce electricity in cloudy conditions but on lower efficiency .

10. Can we monitoring of our solar system remotely?

SCADA system provide you facility for remote monitoring of solar system performance.